Dance Movement Therapy

Dance movement therapy (DMT)  is defined as "The psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance through which a person can engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration"(ADMTUK)  It could also be described as the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance based on the principle that motion and emotion are inextricably linked.  The bodies movement becomes a vehicle for self-expression and a bridge between emotion for integration and healing. 

DMT is practiced globally with groups and individuals in education, health and social care settings settings as well as in private practices. DMT assists with self-awareness and self-esteem providing growth, change and healing within a therapeutic relationship of embodied empathy. 

DMT is being used to support people with...


Enduring mental health difficulties


Parkinson's disease

Birth preparation




What does it look like? 

In DMT spontaneous movement is seen as symbolic of unconscious processes. It utilises rhythm, attunement, mirroring, developmental movement patterns, body part and kinesthetic awareness and relaxation. Movements can be tiny micro movements such as following the breath, small gestures or mudra, or larger more pedestrian movements such as standing, walking, jumping, punching, kicking, stamping, swaying, rocking, or resting. In my DMT practice I also offer authentic movement, somatic exploration, and yoga practices. 

​What is on offer?

Individual DMT sessions for children and young adults with disabilities. These sessions can help with confidence, self- regulation, social skills, balance and coordination, revisiting or integrating missed or underdeveloped developmental movement patterns, opportunity for expression, validation and connection. Sessions provide a space to move through and process life events, and feel calm and at home in our bodies. 

I also offer individual sessions for adults who feel an embodied, movement centred approach may assist them to stabilise, process, integrate and heal. 

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended, but this is negotiable depending on your goal and focus. 

To discuss your requirements and arrange a convenient time for a session please contact Clare on 021 132 7992, or complete the contact me form below. 

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